Founded by Mark Watson in 2014, Synistralia Software, LLC is a consulting and web development company based in Bryan, Texas.

We are always open to new business opportunities, contracting work, and web design projects.

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Our Products

Soapbox Events

Development on Soapbox Events was started in late 2014 as a way to deal with some of the frustrations direct marketers were having with hosting online sales parties on Facebook. We were determined to find a better way to host these parties.

Soapbox offers a smooth, hassle-free hosting experience for direct marketers. Hosts create an event, invite guests with a simple clickable link, and post images, text, and embedded videos in the event. Guests can comment and ask questions in real time. Hosts can schedule posts in advance and use templates to save time when posting the same content repeatedly.

Behind the scenes, Soapbox is a web app built on the MEAN platform - MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, and NodeJS. It also uses Redis and for real time communications. It presently runs in a series of Docker containers on Google Container Engine.

If you are interested in trying out Soapbox Events, we offer a 14-day free trial. We also offer live group demos about once a week in the evening, or you can request a 1-on-1 demo during normal business hours.

Custom Web Design

We can design a website that matches your needs exactly. We'll talk through the design with you and then build something that you and your site visitors will love.

Whether you need a simple one page website to advertise your business or a more complex site, we can design it, build it, and make it work on all screen sizes.

We offer customizable pricing plans. Choose from paying a one time fee for initial setup or a yearly retainer where we handle everything, including hosting fees. The retainer fee setup is particularly useful for busy entrepreneurs that just want to have their web site professionally managed with a minimum of fuss.

Examples of sites we have built:

Since our pricing is customized to the particular job, please email us with what you'd like done and we'll give you a quote.

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Our Developers

Mark Watson, Founder

Born and raised in San Antonio, Texas, Mark studied Computer Science at St. Mary's University before completing a Masters in Computer Science at Texas A&M University.

Mark has worked as a professional software developer since his junior year of high school, working in a variety of programming languages and technologies.

He now lives on a ranch in Bryan, Texas, with his wife, two kids, and a completely unreasonable number of animals.

Mark's résumé

You can reach Mark directly at: